The ultimate trail bike.


The new Stumpjumper is the ultimate trail bike. Seriously, it rides like it's on rails. It's the most versatile trail bike the talented crew at Specialized has ever made and it's tuned to you. They've said goodbye to proprietary components, focused on rider needs, and made, what we feel, is the new benchmark in trail bikes. We've got the 2019 models in stock so come by the shop today and see for yourself!

You Can't Lose

There are three versions of the new Stumpjumper to give every kind of rider the best bike imaginable. The Short Travel (or ST) is snappy and nimble, while the Stumpjumper rides fast and planted. And for anyone that eats and sleeps gravity riding, they've brought back the EVO in all its slacked-out glory.

2019 Stumpjumper

Real World Testing

Extensive field-testing was performed in order to find the perfect balance of stiffness and handling. And the result is a bike that feels like it's riding on rails. Point it where you want, and you're going there. This is Rider-First Engineered™ for mountain, and it delivers the ultimate trail ride—regardless of size.

All-New Sidearm Frame

Specialized pulled out all the stops to lighten and stiffen up the frame, and arrived at a vastly more efficient structure with a new sidearm design. The sidearm design directly connects all three mounting points of the rear-end and shock to the frame, and this creates a significant increase in both stiffness and performance over bumps. More explicitly, frame flex has been minimized when the rear suspension is active. At the end of all of this, they've created one of the lightest trail frames on the market.

2019 Stumpjumper

New Frame - New Approach

The FSR design relies more on the frame kinematics and less on the shock damper to perfect the Stumpjumper's ride quality. The end result? The Stumpjumper is supple over small bumps, yet it possesses a firm mid-stroke and exceptional bottom-out support. This is the suspension that makes the Ultimate Trail Bike.

2019 Stumpjumper


The new chainstay protector makes the drivetrain virtually silent, and it pretty much makes chain slap a thing of the past, too. The nubs on this protector disrupt the slap of the chain and this reduces the overall movement and sound of the chain.