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ZERO time to drop off your bike? No worries! We'll be happy to come to your office!

Provide a great benefit to your company and colleagues by setting up a bike tune-up or repair event with our mobile repair team. Have a group of cyclists at your office? Looking to get ready for the Season? Bike To Work Month? Or just want to celebrate bike culture?  

For a minimum number of bikes, we’ll come to you! Contact us for scheduling and pricing details.You sign up for the service and then bring your bike with you to work - there is not an easier or more convenient way! Here is a sample of what we can provide:

No Reservations/Simple Repairs
Our mechanic will be on-site at your office for your employees for a full-day of drop-in repairs. No reservations are required – just bring us your bike and we’ll assess your bike and provide tune-ups & simple repairs. When your bike is ready, we'll text you! If we diagnose a larger service need we can discuss a follow-up visit.

Reservations Required Day
We will set the day and notify your employees in advance that we'll be on-site. They'll need to contact us to diagnose and schedule their planned repair. We’ll arrive that day for a full day of scheduled service with all of the parts and tools required to tackle your bike needs!

Pricing packages vary – contact us for more details.