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A New Rider's Guide to Cycling

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Performing Basic Bike Maintenance

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Making Your Rides More Comfortable

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Deciding What To Wear And Why

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Choosing Where To Ride Your Bike

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Post Ride Calorie Replacement

It's NEW Bike Day! Now What?

We're stoked to hear about your new bike! It's inevitable that you'll run into questions and we want you to know that we're here to help!


Specialized S-Works full suspension mountain bike

Performing Basic Bike Maintenance

Keep your rides rolling smoothly with these easy at home bike maintenance and tuning tips!

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Before Going For a Ride

  1. Check your tires
  2. Make sure your wheels are tight
  3. Check your brakes
  4. Pedal backwards - if your chain is squeaky, it’s time to add some chain lube

We suggest scheduling a tune-up every 6 months if you ride regularly.

Build Your Home Bike Maintenance Kit

Choose one of each.

When in doubt, give us a call!

Making Your Rides More Comfortable

Your bike should be comfortable. If you are feeling sore, we can help.

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Where Are You Sore?

  • Legs & Butt - Try adding a pair of padded shorts, and/or switching out your saddle.
  • Hands - A pair of gloves can make all the difference! 
  • Feet - Stop in and we'll help you find the right pair of shoes for your ride.

Deciding What to Wear and Why

These basics make a big difference.

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Cycling Shorts

Padded shorts protect you from the pressure of your body weight on the saddle. The pad inside the shorts provides cushion for your sit bones. A little padding goes a long way!

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Cycling Jerseys

Jerseys are designed to keep you cool with moisture wicking, light fabric. Most jerseys come equipped with pockets on the back, which are perfect for storing your phone, snacks, keys, etc.

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All Weather

Base your gear choices on the day’s weather. Cycling socks, gloves, and jackets can all come in handy. Use your best judgement, and remember, you can always peel away layers as the day warms up!

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Choosing Where To Ride Your Bike

Looking for new places to ride or the best way to get around town on your bike? There are some great resources out there. Here are a few of our favorites.

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MTB Project

This app is your comprehensive mountain biking guide to the trails you want to ride - with offline maps, full GPS route info, elevation profiles, and more.

Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t just for driving. It’s among the best free online mapping solutions, and it can be a great tool for planning fun rides and commutes. After you hit “Directions” within the app, you are able to select the bike icon and voila, a new bicycle-friendly route appears


This is an ideal app for discovering great routes. You can also use Ride Spot to learn about upcoming local rides.

Join Our Strava Club

Currently focused on the needs of avid cyclists and athletes, Strava lets you track your rides via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device to analyze and quantify your performance.

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