Ridley Bicycles

Come experience the wonderful ride of a Ridley bicycle!Ridley bicycles are produced on the steep, old-world cobbled roads of Belgium where cycling is a national passion and rain, wind and ice are standard riding conditions. It was here that Jochim Aerts, a skilled framebuilder and painter, founded Ridley in 1996. He immediately partnered with local racing clubs and the following year signed Ridley's first professional team, Spar. Thanks to Jochim's expert eye for detail and years of testing under harsh racing conditions, Ridley is today the number one bicycle in Belgium.Ridley cyclocross bicycles have won world championships!

Through their sponsorship of the ProTour Lotto team, Ridley developed the Ridley Aero Project with the goal of building the fastest bikes in the world. Wind-tunnel testing shows that Ridley's one-of a kind razor-sharp fork and seatstay airfoils draw air away from the wheels, significantly reducing drag and making their aero frames as fast as possible. Another proprietary technology from the project is Ridley's textured paint, R-Surface, which acts like the dimples on golf balls to make the bike even more slippery, saving precious time and energy.

Ridley's aerodynamic bicycles give you the winning edge!Of course, as a Belgian company, Ridley knows cyclocross too! Many cross teams like Planet Bike test their mettle under the harshest conditions aboard Ridley bikes. And Ridleys have seen podiums all over the world and can claim multiple world championships.

All this feedback from the toughest races and racers in the world keeps Ridley on the cutting edge of bicycle design. Whether you're looking to take your road riding to the next level, stand atop the local cross podium or set a new, blazing-fast PR on that time-trial course, Ridley's the ride that will take you there!

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