Are you looking to get off the beaten path or just pedal around the neighborhood? There's no better vehicle than a mountain bike to tackle a variety of terrain. Do you dream of riding remote trails deep in the backcountry, taking hot laps on the dirt paths in the park, or something in between? There's certainly a mountain bike that can do it, and do it well. The technology is rapidly evolving; full-suspension mountain bikes, once the realm of the the MTB elite, are becoming ever more affordable and common. Looking for a ride specifically for women or for a specific trail? There are plenty of choices. If you still have questions, Motion Makers Bicycle Shop can help you either find the perfect new bike for you or help make the bike you have better! Stop by the shop, shoot us an email or give us a call. We're here to get you on a bike that fits your needs and will take you on countless adventures!

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